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Frequently Asked Questions

SkyWirez is a Wireless ISP – we bring fast, reliable Internet access to your home or business by installing a small antenna that we install at your location.  To find out more about how WISP service works, or to read answers to other frequently asked questions, please read below.  If you like what you see, click the button below to order service online today!

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How does SkyWirez wireless broadband work?

SkyWirez fixed wireless broadband provides high-speed Internet access without cable, fiber or phone-line connections. Data is securely transmitted wirelessly for two-way communications of data, video and voice.

How do I get connected to the Internet?

SkyWirez will install a small antenna and radio unit on the roof or side of your home or building. The antenna is then aimed towards one of our Internet broadcasting towers. This establishes your wireless link to the Internet. Your computer or network is then connected via a cat5 (Ethernet) cable to the radio unit.

How long does an installation take?

Basic installs take around two hours to complete. Not all installs are equal and some may require more or less time to complete.

Can rain, snow, fog, or other weather affect service levels?

No. SkyWirez services are not directly affected by the weather.

If my bandwidth needs grow, can I increase my speed?

Yes! You can always increase your service levels based on your growing needs. The bandwidth adjustments can be done remotely and do not require a site visit.

Can I still use SkyWirez if DSL or cable Internet access are not available in my area?

Yes! SkyWirez does not use cable, phone lines, or fiber to connect you to the Internet, and therefore we are not constrained in offering our services based on the availability of these facilities. To see if SkyWirez is available in your area, check our coverage map.

Why is SkyWirez better than cable or DSL?

Cable service's speed and performance are based on how many users are using in your area. A cable connection will slow down with each additional user on the network. DSL service quality depends on your distance from the nearest central office. If you are further than 18,000 feet you do not even qualify. SkyWirez is not affected by any of these downfalls. SkyWirez is also a symmetrical service, which means your upload speeds are as fast as your download speeds. Cable and DSL are asymmetrical services, meaning you get fast downloads while your uploads are a lot slower.


Best of all, SkyWirez lets you "Cut the Cord".  You don't need a wired phone line or cable TV. We don't force you to buy a "Bundle" that includes stuff you don't want. There are no long-term contracts or "Surprise" price increases. And unlike many of the others, we don't just hand you a modem and wish you luck. We provide personalized, local support and the networking know-how that's essential for making Internet connections work best for businesses and individuals. 

Is my SkyWirez connection secure?

The SkyWirez wireless platform offers security with over-the-air Data Encryption Standard (DES) and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) capabilities, which provide 128-bit encryption to ensure secure data delivery and exceptional reliability.

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